Tourism Spots 2




2. South Bandung Tourist Area,

with central tourist agro activity (farmer and tea plantation in Rancabali, Ciwidey, Malabar, Pangalengan, and Gununghalu), Water Tourist (Patenggang and Cileunca Lake) and forest Tourist (Kamojang Crater, Putih Crater, and Cimanggu hot water).
    Ciwidey tourist area belongs to the area of South Bandung, which has several sights spreading in Ciwidey sub-district. These include:

  Tourist object of Punceling (Forest Tourist)                        

    The existence of this tourist object is not very popular.This object o particularly visited by those who love hiking; therefore the visitors usually come in-groups and come to hike rather than to have sightseeing.
     Tourist Object of Putih Crater.   
    This object is just recently legalized to be enjoyed by public. Formally, it is known as sulphur mine area, which can be seen from the ruin of sulphur mining cave. The facilities and infrastructure in this object are limited, that is: parking place, public toilet, prayer house, small shop, and soft drink and food seller.
Deer Breeding in Ranca Upas.      
Ranca Upas is an area for camping under forestry management. Besides for camping, Ranca upas has acreage that is used for deer breeding.
     Hot Spring Water of Swimming Pool in Cimanggu
     Ciwidey area is rich in hot spring water nature source, one of them is made by forestry affairs as swimming pool in Cimanggu. This object has such facilities as: wide parking place, children playing area, hot water swimming pool, and public toilet, prayer house and soft drink and food seller.
     Hot Spring Water of Swimming Pool in Walini
     As for Cimanggu, Walini also has made use of hot spring water source; it provides a hot swimming pool. This object is located in tea plantation area with cool weather and has facilities, as follow: lodge, restaurant, parking area, toilet public.
       Patenggang Lake (Tourist Forest and Water Tourist)
     This lake has an area of acreage 150 Ha is the main destination of visitors that come to Ciwidey. Ciwidey area is located between Rancabali tea plantation and Rancabali forest area. This lake is really made use of its natural beauty. The facilities supplied are lodge, water bicycle, small boat, souvenirs seller, food and soft drink, toilet public, and parking area.
Tourist Agro of Rancabali Tea Plantation   
The natural beauty in Rancabali has a special attraction of Ciwidey tourist area. A spreading out of tea trees which spread orderly, with its cool and fresh air promise gives a good impression to anyone who ever visits Ciwidey tourist area.


     Cibuni Crater
     This object, as Punceling, is not popular to the public and it is located at the end of Ciwidey area.
      Considering the above object, especially the number and the variety of them, it is obvious that Ciwidey has a good prospect and can compete with the other areas, such as Lembang which has Tangkubanperahu Mountain, Maribaya and Cihideung Flower’s Garden tourist object.
3. West Bandung Tourist Object,
with central activity that is tourist agro (farmer and plantation) in East Cikalong Water Tourist in Ciburuy Lake, Saguling and Cirata dam.
4. East Bandung Tourist Object,
with central activity is Forest Tourist of Sindulang Waterfall in Cicalengka.



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